Maploom have built a new online data collection and visualisation platform to help the UK Hoverfly Recording Scheme (HRS) collate hoverfly records. The HRS is an amazing group that has been collecting hoverfly data in Great Britain for over 40 years in order to support our understanding and conservation efforts related to these vital pollinators.

Currently the scheme uses a mixture of systems to create, collate and verify Hoverfly records. This includes spreadsheets which are used by some recorders to gather species, date and location information and which are submitted at the end of the year.

Roger Morris, who runs the Hoverfly Recording scheme said: What Maploom have done is amazing. SyrphBoard differs from existing data-input platforms because it will eventually allow users to get a lot more feedback direct from the data generated. Moreover, it will make possible initiatives to look at aspects of hoverfly ecology that current systems do not. I have high hopes that this interactivity will make hoverfly recording even more rewarding for contributors.

The Maploom team worked closely with the Hoverfly Recording Scheme and members of the UK Hoverflies Facebook Group to create a platform that allows hoverfly records to be entered online in a way that provides feedback to the recorder (lists, dashboards etc.). It will also allow records to be made available sooner to the scheme. The system also includes options to enter new information such as time, weather and ‘nil returns’ as well map-based entry of locations.

We are building on the data entry platform and maps and dashboards are being created which will provide feedback to recorders and allow them to store and analyse their records in new and interesting ways.

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