Maploom offers a variety of Earth Observation data and services based on a range of imagery. Our tools are being used in digital environmental assessments, land cover change detection and urban expansion studies among other applications.

Copernicus Sentinel data and analysis tools
We offer Sentinel Analysis Ready Data (ARD) and analysis services based on our cloud platform including:

• Data acquisition for areas of interest (cropping and mosaicing)
• Analysis (phenology, spectral metrics and more)
• Change detection (AI Based classification and analysis of change)
• Site tracker (site-based monitoring, dashboards and alerts)

Terrain Tools
A toolkit for terrain analysis including:

• Data services – access to LiDAR, GDEM and other terrain models
• Derived products (slope, aspect, contours, hillshaded relief, etc)
• Analysis tools (site suitability modelling, solar radiation potential, visual impacts)

Data selector and Analysis Ready Data
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Module – training area selection and spectral properties of target land cover classes
AI based classification output – urban change in Asosa, Ethiopia (50m HEX view)